A Few Great Inventory Management System Options

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There’s no doubt that managing a small business requires times and effort. Business owners and managers have to take care of many things including seemingly technical things like checking what’s in stock and when to replenish products. But, instead of wasting time on these technicalities, you can always start using an inventory management system that can automate the process and give you more time to focus on important matters. It’s obvious that a move like this will also optimize your business performance. If you take a closer look at the situation on the market, you will notice dozens of inventory management systems. Needless to say, some of these systems are much better than the others and we will use this article to highlight the best ones.


TradeGecko is a leading inventory management system used by thousands of business owners and their employees. One of the best things about TradeGecko is that the software comes with a user-friendly design and that it’s very easy to learn how to use all the great features it has. Keep in mind that this option doesn’t come with a dedicated Point of Sale system, but there are many options for integration like QuickBooks for example. This a system that uses cloud technology which means that you can get access to the inventory from any place as long as you have an Internet connection and a computer/mobile device.


inflow is an inventory management system that comes from Canada. What’s important to remember is that this is a strict inventory management system and you can’t expect to find separate features and options for online marketing or customer management. However, this popular system does provide a wide array of order and sales tracking features as well as administrative options. Just like TradeGecko, you should not have a problem learning how things work in inflow. The biggest downside is that you have a limited choice for importing products compared to the rest of the inventory management systems.


Unlike inflow, Odoo provides a wide array of features that can help your business like CRM, invoicing and marketing features. So, this is not a simple inventory management system, but a full business system that can help you automate your work. Of course, you can easily check product quantities and track sales and orders, but remember that this system doesn’t allow users to import directly from their online stores.

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